Reasons Why Corporate Clients Need Spot Colour Logo Design

Logo Design London

For logo design London you need go no further than us. Do you need an identity for your company, new business or established organisation? Tell us your idea and we’ll make it happen.

We have designed logos for many years. We have been established for over twenty years and some of our staff have been designing logos for much longer than that!

Sometimes a client will ask us to produce a logo, having a clear idea in their minds as to what they want. Conveying that idea and image to us or anyone else, is another matter. A client’s idea of what they want their logo to be is often very personal. It is their baby, their idea, their new business, therefore very personal. And converting their idea into a finished logo, ready to be published online and on paper needs an experienced designer to supply just what they want. As we all know, some logos are absolutely iconic and the company or organisation that it represents immediately springs to mind upon seeing it. Others are instantly forgettable. We have all seen logos that look as if they have had no design input whatsoever. We aim to guide you through this process with the minimum of fuss.

Our process for producing and designing logos has been refined over the years. Firstly, our designer will meet the client, or discuss with them by telephone, and try to determine what the client has in mind. Then, we will produce some initial design concepts and send them to our client in PDF format to see if we are both thinking along the same lines. Usually we manage to whittle it down to one of the initial concepts. But, sometimes, we need to produce some more ideas, and so on until we eventually arrive at the logo design our client feels happy with. All of these design concepts are included in our original quotation, so if we need to do more designs it is all included in the original quote. Then, we work up the chosen design concept, producing the final logo design. This can then be used on the client’s stationery and literature.

In some cases we also have to produce corporate guidelines, which establish the dos and don’ts for the logo’s usage and positioning etc. Most larger companies and organisations have quite large corporate guidelines, ensuring that their corporate image will be reproduced in exactly the same manner wherever it is used in the world, being absolutely essential when multiple platforms are used to project their image. Following your successful logo design, we can also help you with all of your printing requirements, from digital to lithographic. Our experienced print managers will strive to complete the project as quickly as possible. Given the opportunity we can design your stationery, advising on the paper stock to be used. We have digital printing in house and lithographic printing in the factory.

“We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”
Pablo Picasso

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