What the are the main things to consider when developing your company’s corporate identity design?

When developing a company’s corporate identity design there are two angles from which you can tackle this task. The first is from whether you are starting from scratch and the company has yet to be established and the other is that your organisation already has a presence in the market place.

Naturally, if you’re beginning from scratch you have all of the creative freedom in the world. However, that does not necessarily mean you should abuse that fact and be completely way out and wacky but this does allow you to employ elements that may be financially prudent and hopefully, in the long run, iconic. People may disagree, but in our opinion, some of the best designs are the simplest. Strong one or two colour logos tend to be the most identifiable. Of course there are, and there will always be exceptions to this rule but it definitely seems to be a good rule of thumb.

As previously mentioned there are cost benefits from employing the one or two colour strategy. At one time or another you will have to get something printed and possessing one or two colour corporate identity design is by far the cheapest approach. This doesn’t just refer to standard printing such as letterheads, comp slips and maybe the odd brochure, it also translates on to promotional merchandise. When ordering products such as pens or mugs, you’re charged per colour and the cost of the printing screens. If you’re not prepared for this it can significantly affect your budget.

If you’re re-branding then the choices you make, could even be considered more important. When starting from scratch there’s no client base to be lost, but when re branding you run the risk of alienating those that have supported you and help you grow. If your changes are too dramatic it could possibly have a negative effect. Sometime all that is required is just a tweak here and there. The history of the Shell logo is a perfect example of this. They’ve never deviated from their theme, just had minor alterations and it’s a brand recognised all over the world.

On the odd occasion a re-branding occurs that may not be completely necessary because of a Director’s boredom and they fancy a change when all that is required is some minor tinkering. Something to bear in mind is that just because you may be bored of your branding, it doesn’t mean that the world is. Think to yourself before before you act because a rebranding can make a big impact for all of the wrong reasons. One can only think back to when Kellogs changed the name of Coco pops to Choco Krispies. Rowena Mason discusses this in her article here.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering to develop corporate identity design and need some expert help then contact us and one of our Account Managers will be able to help. They will sit down with you, discuss your requirements and introduce you to the graphic designer who will be working on your project and then on you can choose who you wish to liaise with. Then, finally when the time has come, we can talk about your printing needs.

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