Do You Know What A Senior Designer Of A Graphic Design Agency Looks Like?

Well,  it’s been an interesting week but now we’ve officially moved office. Don’t worry though, we’ve not gone far, only up a floor. Our new room number is 112.So you can still visit the same building if need to talk to a graphic design agency.


Moving is never easy, working around boxes on your desk and then having the painters in behind you can cause a bit of an interruption. That didn’t stop us though, this week the team has continued to beaver away on all sorts of random projects. One such job involved playing around on Photoshop producing posters for the Human Resources department of a serviced apartment provider. Quite simply, a walk in the park for our Senior Designer Graham McHarg.


Since I’ve prattled on about him so many times in the past you have probably wondered what he looks like. Well guess what, this is what pops up if you google him:

Brightside's Senior Designer

There you go, that’s what a Senior Designer of a Graphic Design Agency looks like. This guy oversees all of the projects that pass through the doors. He’s been apart of our for almost ten years now, there isn’t a lot that he has seen or worked on. Currently he’s designing a flyer for the release of a major DVD. In the style of a wedding invite it consists of hand illustrations and the use of one of our favourite fonts, Charlemagne.


During a conversation on the phone today, we were asked what’s needed from the the organisation commissioning a project, in this example, a prospectus. It couldn’t be simpler or easier. To get the ball rolling, all we require is the copy and any logos or images that are to be included. Beforehand, you’re given an account manager that will  take your brief and supply a quote. Upon approval, they will then ensure the project runs on time and on budget. Simultaneously you will liaise directly with the designer on the look and feel of your publication.


A first draft will be supplied via PDF, and from then on we’ll respond accordingly to your feedback. Believe it or not, getting feedback tends to be the longest part of the process. Chances are, we can turn around projects as soon as you need them, but when something is being designed by a  board getting feedback can take a while. Let’s face it, this topic/task is something that most people enjoy and therefore everybody has an opinion which can sometimes muddy the water and lengthen the process.


One thing that people are always worry about is hidden or unforeseen costs but there’s no need. Like everybody else, we try to be as fair as possible. However our quoting system is different. Our quotes are based on two sets of revisions after the first draft and our pricing structure is on the understanding of how much work and effort will be required. We don’t charge at an hourly rate, and there’s a main reason for it. If  two designers of exactly the same skill level worked on a the same project and produced two finished articles of exactly the same quality but Designer A produced it in half the time of Designer B. In theory, if you were charged on an hourly rate and you had Designer B you could therefore be paying twice the price. That’s not how we operate, we’ll always believe in pricing on a job by job basis.

If you need anything quoted on, the here’s the contact us link!



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