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Anytime anyone mentions the word design the first thing that comes to mind is graphic design. Yes, it is what people usually associate whenever the term is mentioned. Vibrant images, sparkling colours, even the accompanying text are fused into one coherent whole. But is that what really constitutes this aspect of designing?

It is really the art and process of visually representing ideas, experiences, and messages through the use of image, symbols, and text. It can even be a combination of the three. A graphic designer may use various methods to communicate the design and it can be in physical or virtual form.

The term may refer to both the process and the result. This process is the designing phase where the form of communication to be made is first created. On the other hand, the end result is the final version which communicates the idea. Again the designer may utilise different techniques to realise that final result.

The following are just some of its uses of:

• Publications, which includes books, magazines, and even newspapers.

• Billboards

Print advertisements

• Posters

• Website elements and graphics

Identity, such as branding and the use of logos

• Product Packaging


Some designs are meant to be experienced immediately or in just a short span of time. Those are the easiest to see and recognise as it has been around for a long time. Examples of it are posters, ads, graphics as seen in magazines and newspapers, packages, and others.

On the other hand, there are some designs that are meant to be experienced over a longer period. Some examples of this type are books and magazines since the reader has control over the pace of the reading experience. Other designs meant for long term effect are elements of branding such as logos, signs, business cards, etc.

Design can also be utilised commercially because it can have an effect on whether a certain product or idea will sell or not. If the designer did his job right and applied the design correctly to the product then it is more than likely going to sell. That is successful branding, which is based partly on graphic design.

In the field of entertainment, designing is used extensively. Just imagine that industry without effective visual storytelling, imagery, and decoration. It would not be as successful as it is not to mention as interesting.

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