LONDON DESIGN AGENCY – Design Trends of 2020

London Graphic Design Trends

Here at the London Design Agency, it is part of our job to keep at the forefront of design trends. This is a handful of design elements that you can expect to see a lot of over the following year.


Who would have thought black and white images would be popular in today’s technicolour world? Yet that certainly seems to be the case. Using monochrome pictures in contrast to bright and vibrant framing and text is a particular trend that you will see a lot of this year.

Drawing and photo collages

An interesting creative trend that we see stretching through 2020 is that of combining photographic images with drawings and sketches. While they seem to be inspired by Snapchat and Instagram filters, they are a lot more versatile. Hand-drawn doodles replacing clothes, backgrounds, facial features and more on a photographic project is a concept that will grow and grow thanks to the creative opportunities that it advances.

Keeping it simple

Illustrations are often used in graphic design projects to better communicate a message or convey a concept. This is nothing new. However, in 2020, the trend will be for more simplified illustrations. There is a very good reason for this: by limiting the amount of detail in the illustration, people are less likely to be distracted by the drawing and more able to focus on the message.

Earthy colours

As trends come and go, so does the practice of looking to the past to inform current fashions. In 2020, the 1950s are a massive source of inspiration in the world of graphic design. The use of earthy colours and illustrations hand-drawn in ink, designers are paying homage to that straightforward style of the fifties.

2020 is set to be another exciting year in the world of graphic design and we want our customers to be a part of that experience. To learn more about where graphic design is headed in 2020 and to see how the London Design Agency can help you and your company, give us a call on 0203 288 1048.

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