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We recently had the opportunity to work with the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce again, following our successful project redeveloping their own website earlier in 2016. This time we worked on a website design for Hertfordshire Chamber Venues, an entirely new service which needed a new site to be built from scratch.

Since we had only recently completed work on their own website, the client had full confidence asking us to take on another project. As before, we needed to consider the brand guidelines set out by the Chamber of Commerce, creating entirely new corporate branding and logo design, but keeping these within the guidelines.

As for the function of the website itself, it needed to provide the client’s service to their members. Hertfordshire Chamber Venues is intended to provide a place for venues in Hertfordshire and across the UK to register their details. Members would then be able to search for venues by those details, then make enquiries to place bookings.

The site is intended to help generate more trade for members of the Chamber, while encouraging more members to sign up in the process. By facilitating communication between venues and businesses looking to host events, all parties would stand to benefit, so the design of the website needed to reflect this objective.


Following the necessary brand guidelines, we produced a brand new logo and look for the Hertfordshire Chamber Venues website, which is different to the main site branding but still remains consistent and synchronised. The overall look of the site is slick, contemporary and prominently features the main search function.

The website now allows users to easily start their search for a venue based on number of delegates, number of bedrooms, daily delegate rate or their choice of keywords. This functionality is exclusively reserved for members of the Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile, the site allows venues to create their own profiles, generate content, upload images, and more. Most importantly, it lets them see and respond to messages from potential clients who are interested in making a booking.

Profiles for all types of venues can all be found in one place quickly and easily, which fulfils the original requirements of the Chamber. The client has been very happy with the results, and we were pleased to complete another successful project on their behalf.

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