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Uniqueworld is a world-leading destination consultant and hotel representative based in London but with offices around the world. For the corporate incentive travel, you will have no better partner to help with the selection of the ideal location and subsequent event planning. After receiving website design services from LDA, Uniqueworld has had a lot more success as a result; here's what they are all about:


We find newly opened hotels or golf resorts from around the world and help you identify the most ideal for you. Depending on what you want to experience, we ensure the trip will be totally worth it.

Uniqueworld has got several local Destination Management Companies (DMCs) around the world. This gives us extensive reach within various cities, allowing us to find the best destinations with ideal corporate hotel rates. This obviously saves you money but also saves you time you would have spent trying to do the research. What’s more, we do all this logistics at no extra cost.

After years of experience, we have learned that there is more to the trip than the dining and whatnot. So, we provide our members with various event ideas such as gifts, local design, print of any collateral to client room drops. All these help improve the experience and enhance the quality of the trip.


We usually have plenty of repeat business from our previous clients, because, at Uniqueworld, we strive to provide the best possible service. Our knowledge of various locations enables us to pick out the most ideal for our clients based on their needs and requirements.

Besides the location, we never leave our clients out in the cold, instead playing a part in your team. From the moment you arrive at the destination, Uniqueworld will have you covered with the local knowledge we possess. Even if you have got a large team with you, it’s not a problem since we hire the best consultants for each sector.

Forget about the common destinations every company goes to, you don’t want that. Which is why you need a Destination Management Company like us to identify unique and emerging destinations like Montenegro and Panama. Our eye for exotic locations make your event even more memorable, and it’s got our portfolio several awards and accreditation.



A world-class DMC deserves proper website design services on which to advertise their services to potential blue-chip clients. Advertising online is now the best way to do it since more people are turning to the web when searching for services. However, it’s not enough to just have a website; your website reflects your company’s image, which is why you need a modern website.

LDA is a leading provider of website design services that specializes on creating modern websites, a service that makes LDA’s clients’ websites very effective. Such websites enhance the visitors’ experience because of the ease of navigation both on PC and smartphone. For the client, a modern website increases the conversion of traffic to the website into valuable leads the company can act upon and increase their customer base.

In addition to the responsive website creation, LDA also provided new branding, logo design and even a new logo. This complete overhaul on the company’s brand makes a company stand out and more effective.


Ever since Uniqueworld partnered with LDA, there has been an increase in lead conversion, with the company having more customers. This is the kind of result you can expect from LDA every time you request our services: excellent results and a consistent partnership. Don't hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 203 288 3906 or email us.

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Our new branding has revitalised us and we are definitely ready to take on the world!

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