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A specialist recruitment firm in the technology sector, Collective-i, came to us with the task of overhauling their branding and marketing strategy. They were looking for something crisp and clean that reflected their modern approach to their work, which is focused on working with businesses to source highly skilled workers to fill their job roles. Their branding required an overall refresh, and they were also in need of a brand new website with a specific tone that would resonate with their clients.


We took on the challenge and worked closely with the team at Collective-i to ensure we followed their original vision. We began with the overall brand refresh, updating their corporate logo to make it a little cleaner and more modern before providing them with additional printed marketing materials including custom stationery complete with Collective-i branding. As always, our in-house designers worked in sync across different departments to ensure consistency for the client.

We moved onto the website, which needed to be responsive and suitable for viewers across different devices to ensure their prospective clients could find Collective-i whatever browser they used. The client had specific ideas about the tone of the overall site, wanting to make sure it felt inviting and welcoming without compromising on being sleek and professional. 

The finished product created by our web design team avoided unnecessary clutter in order to enhance user experience, but we also incorporated some elements that reflect the personality and values of the brand. Paintings from the Collective-i office were used as background images on the site’s sliders, plus there are elements related to London included in the design as they wanted to incorporate a sense of place. The finished result is a clean and fresh corporate website that appeals directly to their target market.

Once the new website and additional branding materials were delivered to the client, we continued to provide additional support. Of course, the Collective-i team has access to the content management system so they’re able to access their website and update anything they need to. We also provided the option of simple tuition and assistance over the phone to make sure the transition to their new website could be as smooth as possible.


The LDA team is always focused on delivering exactly what the client needs from us. Whether you require a brand overhaul like Collective-i, or just a few elements of the service we can provide, we’ll plan our project to suit your requirements. Call +44 (0) 203 288 3906 to discuss your requirements with our team, or email us to get started.

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