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The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce is a major organisation within their local region, offering support to its members who operate all kinds of businesses. They came to us in need of a new, more modern website that would respond to different screen sizes, for example when displayed on mobile devices. As a voice of authority that is subject to certain constraints due to its accreditation by the British Chambers of Commerce, it was crucially important that every aspect of our design met their specific criteria.

When we started work on the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce website, the project had actually been started already and we inherited an unfinished design to work on, incorporating all the requirements of the client. We needed to revamp and redevelop what had been done to add some additional features and come up with a final design that satisfied all the requirements.


The client had a predefined set of corporate guidelines they needed to stick to, which is reflected in the final product developed by our team of website designers. Our work was focused around these guidelines from the beginning to ensure we met the brief. These included particular colour schemes that would need to be consistent across their whole website and all marketing materials, as well as the use of particular logos and how these could be positioned. By working closely with the client we were able to take all these special requirements into account.

Restrictions for the client also included reporting back to their board on progress. The board would be updated regularly and have the final say throughout all development work. This meant that we were always keeping to strict deadlines and making sure work was completed on time. Our experienced team were able to manage the project in such a way that all deadlines could be met.

Additional features that needed to be added to the existing design included a complex event planner. This system was incorporated in our final design, providing the functionality to schedule events, offer tickets to them, make bookings and process payments.

Since the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce helps its members with their own ever-changing requirements, we needed to ensure their website was also adaptable. It needed to offer services required by its members, and be flexible enough to easily be changed in future. To make sure this was possible, we provided full access to the CMS so the client is always fully able to make changes and updates, with our support available over the phone as and when required. This website is always a work-in-progress, so we’re continuously coordinating with the client and developing what we originally created for them.


Whatever your requirements, the LDA team can work with you to provide solutions for all your digital and printed marketing materials. You can email us or call +44 (0) 203 288 3906 to speak to us about what you might need and how we can help with your project.

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