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Evian is the world’s best-known mineral water producer, with a reputation for providing superior quality products for enhanced health and fitness. The company is owned today by Danone and continues to source its mineral water from a number of exclusive sources close to Évian-les-Bains, on the south shore of Lake Geneva.

The brand’s backstory is striking, dating as far back as 1789. Suffering from liver and kidney problems at the time, the Marquis of Lessert visited the Sainte Catherine spring during a walk. It is said that the incredible properties of the water he drank eliminated his symptoms and cured his ailments entirely.

The "Société anonyme des eaux minérales de Cachat" would go on to be set up in 1859, which was followed by the authorised bottling of Cachat water in 1878. Evian itself began selling this highly acclaimed mineral water in bottles as of 1909, quickly achieving international acclaim and going on to dominate the global mineral water market.


Here at the London Design Agency, we understand the critical importance of first impressions. Something as simple as a business card can leave a lasting impression on clients and customers alone – a business not to be underestimated in terms of power and influence. Your business stationary must make a bold and confident statement about who you are, what your brand represents and your overall professionalism.

LDA is a leading designer and producer of outstanding quality business cards and related stationary. To date, we’ve worked with hundreds of prestigious clients across the United Kingdom and beyond, including Evian/Danone.

We were approach by Evian to design and produce the brand’s newest business cards, having been impressed by both our existing portfolio and reputation. As a brand that requires no explanation or verification, we adopted a simple, minimalist approach to the overall design concept, working with only the finest quality materials on the market.

The Bigger Picture

LDA always considers the bigger picture when working on branding projects. We know the importance of designing a logo, image and campaign that are beautifully cohesive with the brand’s current position and future goals alike. We specialise in the development of unique and high-impact branding strategies, with long-term relevance and performance in mind at all times.

Our core aim is to ensure that every client that works with LDA benefits from the best possible return on their investment – irrespective of the size, nature or complexity of the project. From business cards to corporate logo design to website development and SEO, everything we do is geared toward your success, your prosperity.

Built Around You

From beginning to end, you can rely on the LDA London Design team to support every step of your destination experience in order to make your visions a reality. For the most unique, professional and memorable destination experiences in Great Britain, contact LDA London Design today and begin your journey.
For more information about any of our services or to discover how LDA could help you in making your event truly unique, get in touch with the team today on +44 (0) 203 288 3906, or drop us an email.


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