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One of today’s leading global marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment, whose goal is to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete, approached LDA for an event. The company sponsors famous athletes in order to promote their merchandise, from football players to basketball players, enabling them to capture almost half of the global market share and become known universally. With the demand of our partner in Canada, LDA were charged with finding the perfect accommodation and venue for this client. Our client wanted a suitable location for their athletes to stay and their families to relax in, which also had easy access to London's 2012 Olympics' Olympic Park. 


We focused on providing our client with an exclusive venue and accommodation, in order to provide the athletes with privacy, whilst being within the vicinity of central London. LDA found the ideal location to host a gala event and base – BMA House. BMA House, located in the heart of Bloomsbury, with its contemporary twist on historic elegance, delightful garden and courtyard, was the perfect venue for offering a unique setting for private and corporate events for up to 320 guests to our client. Furthermore, the venue's restaurant offers a very creative menu using delicious and well-selected local ingredients. With no surprise, the client approved our choice because of all the venue can offer. The two outdoor spaces, the courtyard and garden, were really appreciated by the client, as they were utilised as separate areas for athletes and the media.  
Moreover, LDA chose for the client’s sales team to dine at the All-Stars’ Lane restaurant – the perfect fit for a group of sporty and competitive individuals. The restaurant also enabled the team to put their bowling shoes on and have some friendly competition. All-Stars' Lane also had a handicapping system, which levels the playing field on the lanes, allowing team members of any level to compete. With mouth-wateringly good food and exotic drinks following, the evening turned out to be truly successful.

The feedback we received was highly positive from the client, with their team members feeling that they were extremely impressed with the venue, not only for it meeting their specified criteria but also for exceeding their expectations.

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