Benefits of Refreshing Your Corporate Branding

  Things change, people change, and a business has to change too. After some time, a business needs to change its brand, which is its face to the community, in order to keep up with these changes in people’s outlook. The corporate branding process is crucial to a business’ survival, and here’s why: 1. GAIN […]

Annual Report Design

  Annual reports are not designed to evoke excitement or garner attention except to those who have a direct involvement or stake in it. But when you add in a few doses of creative flair and imagination, then it becomes something new and exciting. Because then you have what is known as annual report design. […]

Graphic Design

  Anytime anyone mentions the word design the first thing that comes to mind is graphic design. Yes, it is what people usually associate whenever the term is mentioned. Vibrant images, sparkling colours, even the accompanying text are fused into one coherent whole. But is that what really constitutes this aspect of designing? It is […]

What You Need to Know About Website Design

  To get a website off the ground is not as easy as some may think. It is not a simple process by any means. There are so many considerations before the website could even be launched online and viewed and visited online. Some of those considerations are creative in nature and some are quite […]

Reasons Why Corporate Clients Need Spot Colour Logo Design

Logo Design London For logo design London you need go no further than us. Do you need an identity for your company, new business or established organisation? Tell us your idea and we’ll make it happen. We have designed logos for many years. We have been established for over twenty years and some of our […]

What Are The Best Business Promotional Gifts To Give Out An Event

Like with most things, it’s really horses for courses. The best business promotional gifts are those that are the most appropriate for the recipients. For example, it’d be pointless to distribute medically themed stress toys at an IT function. The best way to ensure that your receiver is pleased with their gift is to think […]

What the are the main things to consider when developing your company’s corporate identity design?

When developing a company’s corporate identity design there are two angles from which you can tackle this task. The first is from whether you are starting from scratch and the company has yet to be established and the other is that your organisation already has a presence in the market place. Naturally, if you’re beginning […]

Do You Know What A Senior Designer Of A Graphic Design Agency Looks Like?

Well,  it’s been an interesting week but now we’ve officially moved office. Don’t worry though, we’ve not gone far, only up a floor. Our new room number is 112.So you can still visit the same building if need to talk to a graphic design agency.   Moving is never easy, working around boxes on your […]

What Makes A Design Agency Tick?

It’s really rather difficult to say what makes a Design Agency tick. After all, every company has their own niche or specialism. Inevitably, designers are going to find some projects float their boat, and some they find due to certain corporate guidelines, they cannot be as creative or adventurous and thus find they project a […]

Handy Tips When Designing A Brochure

1. Use good quality images. 2. The content/writing part must be as good as the design. 3. Make it easy for people to contact including all your contact information. 4. Use a consistent theme in order to develop your corporate identity. 5. Space must be optimised without taking away from readability. 6. Draw the reader’s […]